Dockerfile security tuneup

04 Jan 2017   docker, devops

I recently watched 2 great talks on container security by Justin Cormack from Docker at Devoxx Belgium and Adrian Mouat from Container Solutions at GOTO Stockholm. We were following many of the suggestions but there was still room for improvement. So we decided it was good time to do a security tuneup of our dockerfiles.

Labelling automated builds on Docker Hub

11 Nov 2016   docker, devops, metadata

This is a follow up to my previous post Labelling problems with Docker automated builds. There is now a solution using a build hook. Automated builds are a popular feature on Docker Hub that build a new Docker image whenever a new commit is pushed to a git repository. Docker labels are a powerful mechanism for adding metadata to your containers.

Docker, YouTube and lots of badgers

27 Oct 2016   docker, metadata

At Microscaling we love Linux containers, metadata and badgers. We’re always looking for new ways to combine these three elements. Part of our love of badgers comes from a certain YouTube video from the early 2000s.

Moving MicroBadger to Kubernetes

05 Oct 2016   aws, kubernetes

We recently moved MicroBadger from Docker Cloud to a Kubernetes cluster on AWS. It’s early days but this post is a write up of what we’ve learnt so far and some mistakes made along the way!