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Carbon aware spatial shifting of Kubernetes workloads using Karmada

In this post, we’ll look at carbon-aware scheduling using Kubernetes. This post focuses on spatial shifting using Karmada. It follows on from my last post where I looked at temporal shifting using KEDA and the carbon-aware-keda-operator from Microsoft. Temporal shifting involves running non-time-sensitive workloads at times when the carbon intensity of the electricity grid being used is lower. Spatial shifting involves moving workloads to physical locations where the grid carbon intensity is lower....

Wed, Jul 12, 2023 · Ross Fairbanks
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Carbon aware temporal shifting of Kubernetes workloads using KEDA

The Carbon Aware KEDA Operator was announced by Microsoft in April this year in a keynote at KubeCon EU in Amsterdam. Sadly I couldn’t attend KubeCon this time but it was good to see from afar that there were more sustainability talks and the great work the Environmental Sustainability TAG (Technical Advisory Group) is doing coordinating efforts across the CNCF and liaising with other organizations like the Green Software Foundation....

Mon, Jun 5, 2023 · Ross Fairbanks