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Moving a MiddleMan blog from Vagrant to Docker

21 Feb 2015   docker, middleman

Like a lot of people I’ve been following Docker with interest. At Fifty we usually deploy our Rails apps to AWS using Elastic Beanstalk. This means we have to use Amazon Linux in production. But Amazon Linux can’t be run outside of AWS so we use CentOS for development. This is less than ideal and moving to Docker would allow us to run identical containers in all environments.

In production there are also the performance benefits from removing the VM layer. I also like the idea of combining Docker with auto scaling to launch new containers much faster than VMs.

Serving a Middleman blog via S3 and CloudFront

08 May 2013   aws, middleman

This blog is a static website generated using the Middleman framework. It’s hosted in an S3 bucket and served via the CloudFront CDN, which are both from Amazon Web Services. The S3 integration uses the middleman-s3-sync extension. The middleman-cloudfront extension is used to invalidate URLs from the CDN cache.

Blog Development

02 Apr 2013   middleman

MiddleMan logo

So this first post is on the construction of this blog. I’ve gone for a static blog with the files being generated using MiddleMan. The files are hosted on Amazon Web Services S3 storage service and served using their CloudFront CDN.